Carrio's Custom American-Made Military Cable Assemblies



See a small sample of the types of custom military cable assemblies and solutions we can build for you in our photo gallery.

Carrio Cabling manufactures highly durable, dependable, rugged, custom military cable assemblies with high signal integrity for virtually any military application.

Aerospace cables, weapons systems cables, rf cables . . .we can engineer, prototype, mold, and manufacture a wide range of custom military cable assemblies, coil cords, or power cords.

Like all Carrio Cabling products, our custom military cable assemblies, coil cords, and power cords are designed and manufactured in the United States of America, at our Colorado Springs, Colorado facility. It is common for products purchased overseas to have unknown material substitutions or modifications. We pride ourselves on creating quality products that you can count on, and we never purchase products and re-sell them to you. We stand behind our American-made products.

Carrio Cabling is committed to ship on time so your products are delivered to you as promised. Orders are typically complete in 1 to 7 days depending on the size of the project and materials on hand at the time of the order. We do not charge to expedite orders. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on Carrio Cabling's services.

Give us a call at 1.800.251.4391or submit a request on our quotes page.

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